SQL Server SSMS Color Coded Status Bar

Have you ever experienced the nauseating feeling when running an update, delete or truncate statement thinking you are working on the development server while the connection is actually pointing to production database server in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). You then have to spent hours trying to recover the data that was incorrectly modified.

This can be prevented by using the Custom Color option to color code the status bar in SSMS. When the Status Bar at the bottom of SSMS is for instance red you will know you are connecting to the production server and thus will be more cautious while running scripts.

Just follow the following easy steps in SSMS to achieve this.

  •  Right click on the Database Server instance and choose connect.SSMSColor1
  • Click on the Options button in the bottom right corner.
  • Check the Use custom color checkbox and choose the appropriate color for the database instance                                                                               SSMSColor2
  • To see the change in the Color close down SSMS, open SSMS again and create a new query and you will see the status bar will the color that you selected.SSMSColor4

Now you can color code the QA, Development and Production servers to different colors and be more aware of which one you are connected to. This feature is available from SQL Server 2012 onwards.

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