Who is active on SQL Server?

SQL, what are you doing?

Most database developers and administrators will have this question some point in time, especially when your program takes “forever” to return results.

Thanks to Adam Machanic’s wonderful Stored Procedure (SP) “sp_whoisactive“ found here, you will know exactly what is happening on your database.

What does the SP provide?

It gives you:

  • Database name
  • User who sent the command
  • CPU cycles spent
  • TempDB activity
  • Blocking
  • # of reads & writes
  • SPID
  • Execution time
  • # Transactions open
  • Memory used

My favourite parameter to use with the SP is “@get_plans”. When you set this value equal 1 you get the query plan returned that SQL selected for the operation.

Example: sp_whoisactive @get_plans = 1

Note this SP must be run on the master database. This will require elevated security permissions.

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